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Good food starts with good ingredients. Here at Victory Pie Company, we are dedicated to making everything from scratch using only the best ingredients to feed your family, mind, body, and soul.

Sheila Blue

For Sheila... it's always been more than just pie.

When Sheila’s only brother, SSG Mark “Doc” Wells, 74th EOD, was serving in Afghanistan and killed by an IED, leaving behind a wife and two young children, she truly felt and understood the loss and the depth of the needs of others who have lost someone they love. Sheila and her brother had always had friendly cooking competitions and were both bakers at heart. Her chicken pot pie was his favorite and he’d call her countless times for the recipe. Although her brother wasn’t able to return home, she had the desire to help the soldiers who did. So in 2012, she started a small meal planning company with the idea that the heart of everything we did, we would be supporting veterans and widows and orphans of veterans! This little startup has grown up to become Victory Pie Company. Just as the “Victory Gardens” of World War II were a community-inspired effort to help support our troops, Victory Pie Company gives a portion of all profits to supporting various veteran organizations including EOD Warrior’s Foundation, Snowball Express, and Camp Hope. Each pie is crafted by hand, from scratch with love for our cause. Thank you for supporting the men and women who serve our country and for supporting small businesses by sharing a table with us.

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It’s a Family Affair

Victory Pie Company has always been a family affair. Sheila and husband, Nate, have three sons, Eli, Gabe, and Sam. Pie and baking has been central to the boys lives, and Sheila has worked hard to create a family environment in the cafe as well. 

“We want to invite you to our table to share a meal. Here at Victory Pie Company, there’s always a spot for you.”
-Sheila Blue