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Just as the “Victory Gardens” of World War II were a community inspired effort to help support our troops. Victory Pie Co. gives back a portion of all profits to support our veterans, widows, and orphans of veterans.

When my only brother SSG Mark “Doc” Wells, 74th EOD was serving in Afghanistan, and killed by an IED, leaving behind a wife and two young children, I truly understood loss and the depth of the needs of others who have lost someone they love. 

Sheila Blue and Brother

I started a small meal planning company with the idea that a portion of everything I did would go to veterans, widows, and orphans of veterans.

I did just that!

That little startup has grown up to become Victory Pie Co.

Although my brother wasn’t able to return home, I had the desire to help the soldiers who did.

My brother and I had friendly cooking competitions and were both bakers at heart. My chicken pot pie was his favorite and he’d call me countless times for the recipe. My dad and I make each pie by hand, from scratch with love for our cause.

Thank you for supporting the men and women who serve and have served some time around the table, and eating in our cafe.

“As a christian, I knew supporting widows and orphans is what we are called to do, but I wanted to be more intentional!”

Every pie handcrafted with love and purpose!