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What is Pies for Patriots?

It is an opportunity for you to give back to our veterans and heroes for their service.

pies for patriots

There are two ways to share the love with our veterans:

1. You can purchase a pie and send it to a veteran that you want to thank for their service and/or just let them know you are thinking of them.  Who couldn’t use a little pie pick me up right?  When you send this pie you can customize your note that will be sent to your veteran and in addition a portion of the profit from that pie will go to the charity of your choice (choose from drop down).  We will let that recipient know what the one pie did to help the life of another veteran.

2.You can purchase a pie to be sent to a veteran organization to help feed our heroes while they recover, are getting help or just need a meal.  These can be chosen by you or we will send to our partnering organizations that have the need for the pies.  A note can be personalized as well to thank them for their service and in addition we will let them know that the pie you purchased fed them as well as helped another organization of your choosing (drop down menu choices again)

Here are three organizations we give a portion of our proceeds too: